Dispel the Myths and Get the Facts

MYTH: Hospice care hastens death.

FACT: Hospice neither prolongs life nor hastens death. Hospice offers palliative care that provides comfort and support when a cure for a disease is not expected.

MYTH: Hospice is only for cancer patients.

FACT: While Hospice does offer care for cancer patients, it also offers quality end-of-life care for those with any life-limiting illness such as Lou Gehrig’s disease, end-stage heart and lung disease, dementia, and many other serious illnesses.

MYTH: Hospice means giving up.

FACT: Hospice caregivers recognize the importance of hope as a powerful force that persists throughout the time of living and the process of dying. Hospice offers hope for freedom from the fear of isolation, abandonment, and loneliness; loss of control and physical pain; and faith that the family will be nurtured and supported, even after the death of the patient.

MYTH: Patients who are still receiving treatment cannot access hospice.

FACT: Treatments related to life-limiting illnesses that are palliative in nature are included in the hospice plan of care. Hospice is available to all patients with a life expectancy of six months or less assuming the illness runs its normal course. Through our “Open Access” program, hospice care is available to all patients who meet our admission criteria.